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Piano tuition

Welcome to Tatiana Music Studios

I’m available for lessons in 30, 45 or 60 minute sessions.

I offer two ways studying piano.

  1. Routines preparation to the End of the Year concert (on May 2018).Practice scales, sight-reading, etc.
    You can schedule 30 min., 45 min. or 60 min. once or twice time per week.
  2. Preparation to ABRSM exam and receive Diploma. ABRSM is the UK’s largest music education body, one of its largest music publishers and the world’s leading provider of music exams, offering assessments to more than 630,000 candidates in 93 countries every year.
    There are eight grades of assessment.
  3. Piano exams consist of:
    • Three pieces, chosen from the appropriate lists.
    • Scales and arpeggios.
    • Sight-reading (The student who graduates with good sight-reading skills is the student who will play the piano throughout life)
    • Aural test.

    Preparation to exam is long and difficult process for the students and their parents.

    Beside work on the pieces, every lesson your child will practice scales/arpeggios. Also, I need time for preparation your student for sight-reading and aural test.

    Students maintain a minimum weekly (5 day) practice schedule at home.

    Minimum 60 minutes per week or 30 minutes twice per week piano class is required.

    Please, send me email which way are you chose and I will send more details information about ABRSM exam.

    Tuition Policy and Cancellations

    • No registration fee.
    • Lessons rates are as follows:
    Leigh Time per week Price at my place Price at student place
    30 minutes once $25 $30
    45 minutes once $30 $45
    60 minutes once $35 $40
    30 minutes twice $25 $20
    45 minutes twice $25 $30
    60 minutes twice $30 $35

    • Lesson fees are paid one month in advance, and are due on the first week of the month in full.
    • All lesson fees are non-refundable, unless as noted below:
      • Lesson cancellation is initiated by instructor.
      • Lesson cancellation by student due to emergencies with 24 hours’ notice (Limit of 3/once per week or 6/twice per week cancellations from September to May)
      • Lesson cancellation by student for vacations (Limit of 2 cancellations from September to May)
    • In the case of school closure due to severe weather.

    A $20 late payment fee is assessed if payment is more than two weeks overdue.

    Please make your checks payable to ROMASHKA